Kingston Movers

We keep Kingston MOVING.

Kingston Movers is the professional moving solution that helps you get where you need to go!

Everyone has to move at some point, and we’re here to make the experience fast, affordable, and fun!

We do the heavy lifting (and packing and driving) so that you can focus on your future — just leave the fussy stuff to us!

Local Home Moving

Finding a new home is stressful enough — you shouldn’t have to worry about getting there! Our team makes it easy, with organized packing and smooth transportation.

Student Moving

When it comes to student moves, we graduated top of our class! Whether they’re moving to school or to the next big step in their lives, we take care to make the transition an A+ experience!

Commercial & Business Moving

When you’re moving your business, you need movers that are as professional as you are. With fast, efficient commercial moving services, you can keep things business as usual.

Long Distance Moving

Kingston Movers can help you with your long distance moves to and from the city! We always go out of our way to help you move from as far as you need to.

Heavy & High-Value Moving

Big objects like safes, pianos, and appliances are no big deal for our team of experienced pros! We have the tools to move even your most fragile cargo as carefully as possible.

Packing & Boxing Services

Let’s admit it: packing is a pain. That’s why we make your move as painless as possible with packing services to get you ready! Carefully wrapped, boxed, and labelled for you!

Temporary Storage Options

Rome wasn’t built in a day — and your move doesn’t have to happen all at once either! If you need temporary storage, we can arrange it in a safe and accessible way.

Boxes, Crates, Dollies, & Supplies

Need the right tools for the job? We have them! Cardboard boxes, dollies, hand trucks, tarps, belts and bungee cords — everything you need for your move to succeed!

Are you ready to get a move on?